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I went to church this Sunday. I haven't been to church for almost a month. I always gave myself all sorts of excuses not to go. But I am glad I made it this time. There were 14 youth and chaperones from the Deer Springs Mission in Nageezi, New Mexico on the Navajo Indian Reservation visiting our church this week. Our church has in the past made several trips to the Navajo reservation to reach out to those native Indians, helping them rebuild their houses and improve their living conditions. Many of these native Americans live below poverty level and many have resorted to drugs and alcohol. As I was listening to their stories and testamonies, a wave of sadness broke over me. Moment like this made me realize how lucky I am to be living in this part of the country and never having to go through what these people are going through. They also made me see all the good things around me that I didnt' even notice, let alone appreciate them. I am very grateful for what I have. Thank you, Lord.

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14-year-old Eric singing "Thank you, God". Eric has a very nice deep voice and it brought tears to my eyes, so touching.

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Indian girls performing their native dance
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某日刘洪涛遇到外宾,上前搭话曰:I am Hong TaoLiu,外宾曰:我他妈还是方片七呢!

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