My mid-life crisis came in too early...
Up until the time when my dad decided to call off his twenty-year marriage with my mom and trade her in for for a younger trophy wife a few years back, I had absolutely no idea what mid life crisis was like and/or what detrimental effects it may oftentimes cause. However, when out of nowhere those ugly age/dark spots suddenly appear on my cheeks and had no intention to go away, and when many times I found myself dozing off in front of TV like some old folks do and more and more, I started to ponder this aged-old conundrum "is there any meaning to life?", I knew those might be the precursors to something big--something no good. "It's like an itch. But no matter how hard you scratch it, it is still itchy as hell," I decribed my recent experience to Mike, not hoping for an answer.
"Maybe you started to have mid life crisis. I read it somewhere,very similiar to what you've experienced."
At first I thought of it only as a joke. Mid life crisis? At my age? I heard many people got it in their 40s and 50s. But as I dug more on the internet, I found out people start to experience the onset of the crisis when they are around 40, give or take 20 years. The "symtoms" fit exactly what I've been having--discontent about many aspects of life; wanting to make big changes in life and do something different or adventurous; and often questioning the meaning of life and confuse about where life is heading.
Admist all negativities, something really nice did happen in my life too. Check out this.

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Some good gesture from Michael. Thank you very much. Although I am not very fussy about cars as long as they take me to where I want to go... but hey it's a Mercedes. Although it's a 2004 used car,what more I can ask for? Mercedes and mid life crisis. Hmmm....
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Etc.of the weekend
Photobucket - Video and Image HostingLast night the Gang of Four (Steve, Eric, Michael and I ) went to Chuck's Steak House in West Haven for dinner. Since I was just coming out the gym, I felt like I could stuff a whole cow in. We all ordered prime ribs except for Eric who had a giant porterhouse steak. Sometimes I really envy E cos he could eat and eat but still didn't gain a singe pound. The steak was delicious albeit a lil raw. The juicy meat was a real treat to your taste buds and you ended up crave for more and more. Luckily, I had some salad beforehand hence saved myself from succumbing to overeating. Eric and Steve ate the whole thing but poor Mike struggled to get his piece finished. We joked that next time a lady cut should be more than enough for him to work on.

I don't know watching flocks of ducks flapping their wings and gliding through water could have such a theraputic effect on your body and soul and it doesn't cost much. All it takes is a bag of leftover bread and you will become a kid again.
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Go shopping
This labor day long weekend was occupied with doing house chores, grocery shopping and finding a new grownup "toy" for Mike--a car lah(what were you thinking). Making a big buying decision like that, I'd assume one has to take the time to shop around and possibly do some research beforehand. Nope. Mr.Mike has something else in mind when it comes to buying a car. His philosophy: go with your gut feeling--simple as that. Hence we only visited three car dealerships, saw three cars and test drove two. The decision making process was surprisingly snappy and wrapped up in three hours. Since the dealer is not open today, Mike will have to submit the bid tomorrow. Hope he will get it. Cross my fingers.
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