If you have lived in the east coast of the U.S. for prolonged periods of time and you still tell me you love snow, I'd say either you are one of those lucky overly optimistic people or you work for public sector--a snowy day might be a day off for you. Unfortunately, I belong to neither above-mentioned group. I am no long in school so I don't an extra day off just because it's snowing out. Snow makes me feel depressed,helpless and trapped. It is not romantic but deadly. Driving under the slippery condition with your car swerving out of control is no fun at all. As result of a earlier snow storm which had dumped a mix of snow and freezing rain, my whole driveway is now covered with ice.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket My slippery front porch

Shoveling is another thing I hate about snow and its aftermath. Shoveling ice is actually worse than snow because you have to get the ice to break off into pieces and then shovel it away.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Shoveling away ice

After an hour's toil, I only managed to complete one tenth of the driveway. You know what, I am not going to kill myself with this now. All I need to do tomorrow is tell me boss he has to hold the fort without me.

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Yours truely chose to cover herself up to defray cold winds
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Sleepless nights at Amsterdam
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Amsterdam Centraal

Amsterdam -- a city famous for its culture and history, magnificant art and winding canals--a city never sleeps nor fully awakes. I was there for seven days on business and I struggled to find a good night sleep as my hotel was right at the doorstep of central station. My sleepless nights were rudely buffeted with shrieking honks from the street; constant traffic with people coming in and out of the room and a strange sputtering sound happening only around the middle of the night.

Confused and angry, I wandered about and found this type of store scattered around the city's many narrow walkways and allies. I was offered drugs several times on the street and in the train station. I turned it down each time. I heard people get robbed from buying drugs on the street, so I consider myself warned. Plus I don't do drugs not even for recreational purpose. Drugs are simply not cool in my book. By the way, isn't canabis illegal even in Holland?

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I know it's not fair to judge something without full knowledge of facts or seeing the big picture. But my culinary experience in Amsterdam was not so good either. The steak was hard, the veal was harder, not to mention a puny bottle of water cost 2 euros(around 3 US dollars). Even the "capital of the funk food country"could do better than that.

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Train Station

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Here I was pretending to have a good time over there.

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